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Manufactured with the finest aluminum zinc alloy-coated steel covered with Italian ceramic-coated stone granules, DS roofing series offer a texture, style and longevity not found in traditional metal roofing products.

  • Light WeightAt just 1.4 lbs./sq.ft.(6.85kg / m2). eight times lighter than clay or concrete tile, and a half of the average composition of wood Shake.
  • Wind ResistanceNo split, break, crack or warp. It does not absorb water either. Stone granules provide an excellent protection against prolonged exposure to the sun or rain.
  • Fire ResistanceDS roofing panels are non-combustible and safe from exposure to airborne burning cinders. (Certified Nonflammable by Japanese Government)
  • Low life cycle costInterlocking panel system offers extraordinary resistance to wind uplift. It withstands 145 mph (64 m/s).
  • Attractive AppearanceAppearance for DS roofing has the premium presentation to satisfy the most discriminating homeowners.

Component Details

DS Roofing Systems is composed of several layers of file materials pressed into different profiles then sealed with our exclusive polymer coating. Ceramic-coated Italian stone chips resist fading and UV penetration. DS roofing products are light-weight, yet extremely durable and trouble-free.